153,548 tech talents got laid off due to the downturn.

The best of them are founding future unicorns right now.

  • We match them with angels & VCs

  • Create SPVs to let everyone join these startups with small checks

  • Since that’s our initiative, we take all associated costs on us

  • Why?

    Meta laid off 13% of its employees. Twitter — 50%. Stripe — 14%. Klarna — 10%. What do thousands of tech talents being let go have in common? They know how unicorns mature from the inside out as they have been part of the journey. We humans sometimes need an extra kick to start turning our ideas into reality. This time has come.

  • How does it work?

    The #laidoff initiative is a matchmaking tool. We collect applications from tech talents who were recently laid off and are launching their startups and from investors (angels, VCs, family offices) looking for a new generation of founders with operator backgrounds.

    When we see a potential match — we make a double opt-in intro and leave you to it. In case we see an interest from multiple investors, we help to create an SPV to pool multiple checks together and facilitate the deal with legal.

    The best part is that our services do not cost a penny within the initiative.

  • Do you share my personal information with anyone else?

    If you apply as a founder we only share your information with investors with whom you have a potential match.

    If you apply as an investor, we only share information if you express your interest in being introduced to selected founders.

  • Do you do due diligence?

    Due to the high volume of applications we can’t do a proper due diligence — this part is on the investor. However, we sift applications to ensure that investors receive only opportunities matching their objectives.

  • What is it in for you? Why do you do this?

    What we do at Uniborn is match great people and provide tools to close deals. At such turbulent times we want to put our two cents into supporting founders building notable companies, but not having easy access to VC funding.

  • How many matches should I expect?

    Hard to say. While we get a high volume of applications on both sides, the match happens when there are apparent reasons to get two sides connected. No one wants to be burdened with irrelevant opportunities.

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