Invest Like a Pro: 6 apps that VCs use to boost productivity

Including AI-powered tools
Elena Cherkas
🇪🇪 Uniborn Team
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Here are six apps that VCs use to boost productivity, including AI-powered tools:

📌 Summate — uses OpenAI to quickly create summaries of web articles. It's perfect for analyzing multiple long-form articles and selecting key points.

📌 Craft — a document formatting tool with an AI assistant. Makes standard documents more interactive and engaging, has pre-set templates for almost everything.

📌 Bardeen — an AI-powered platform for automating workflows. Useful for commercial diligence process as it gathers data from different sources like LinkedIn, ProductHunt, and Twitter.

📌 Curiosity AI — a unified search engine that uses deep search within documents and attachments. Helps find relevant information across various data sources using keywords.

📌 Calendly — a platform for automating calendars and simplifying calls/meetings scheduling.

📌 TextBlaze — allows users to set up common phrases, greetings, or text templates using keyboard shortcuts to speed up communication in emails or messaging.

Source: Sifted

Cover image: Unsplash

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