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Uniborn — one platform for smart co-investing in tomorrow’s unicorns

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Equity, SAFEs, tokens, SAFTs, venture funds, real estate — you name it. With investors and assets from anywhere.

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<1 hour to set up a deal, 5 min for KYC, 24 hours for an SPV creation — all from the mobile app.

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Share deals with up to 149 non-accredited investors per each EU country. Get more value-add checks.

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Uniborn — one platform for smart co-investing in tomorrow’s unicorns

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Uniborn is a platform for sourcing, co-funding and amplifying startups. We’re on a mission to help individuals and communities shape the future they believe in. Our first product is Cartels — private investment clubs that streamlines sourcing, sharing and syndicating investments on a deal-by-deal basis. More exciting products are coming up soon.

We’re currently a team of six people scattered across Europe and HQ’d in Tallinn, Estonia. Uniborn was founded by Dmitry Samoylovskikh — a seasoned portfolio manager, serial entrepreneur, Forbes 30U30 Europe, and angel investor.

Following our mission, we do our best to eliminate any barriers and provide basic services at about the cost:
— Uniborn membership is free;
— SPV setup and life-time admin is 1%. If you syndicate within your own network — that’s all it costs;

Deal Leads may (and normally do) apply carry and/or one-off fees for the deals they lead.

What we make revenue on is “access” — when we introduce co-investors to leads with relevant opportunities, we take a 5% one-off fee of such facilitated investments. That’s our bread and butter.

We use Estonian limited liability company (OÜ) — a standalone non-operating vehicle that we establish for investing in a specific asset.

The SPV, Deal Lead and Investors execute investments by signing Loan Notes — a debt security with variable interest tied to the return of the target asset.

Investors who are not tax residents of Estonia have no Estonian tax liability and only pay taxes in their home country.

Individuals and legal entities from anywhere in the world (limitations apply to investors from sanctioned and black listed countries). Investors must be aware and capable of taking risks associated with investing in a high-risk asset class.

Investments on Uniborn do not constitute public offerings within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of the European Parliament and of the Council, are only executed within a close network (up to 149 investors per each EU Member State) and with a limitation on the maximum amount of investments per SPV.

Our focus is Europe.

However, deal leads may bring investment opportunities and co-investors from anywhere in the world (limitations apply to investors and startups from sanctioned and black listed countries).

Uniborn is a platform and community. We don’t offer investment, fund management, advisory, tax, or any other regulated services.

We may offer regulated services through partnerships down the line. Such partners will be listed at the bottom of our website.

Great! Drop us a line at or via the support widget at the bottom-right corner of the website. We normally get back within minutes.

Uniborn is a community-led platform for sourcing, sharing, syndicating, and amplifying startups.

We are not intended to be a substitute for legal, tax or financial advice.