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Dmitry Samoylovskikh Founder of Uniborn
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Long Story Short

Hey, I’m Dmitry Samoylovskikh — founder of Uniborn, serial entrepreneur with an asset management background, Forbes 30U30 Europe.

I’ve been on both sides of the venture industry: as a founder of several startups, and as an angel investor in a few.

Most of my startups were funded by angel syndicates (€2.5MM+ in total). Each time I was spending 2-6 months on fundraising activities, biting them off work on the product. But that’s far from the worst case though: over 90% of startups end up failing to secure funding at all.

Fundraising is more of a lottery with a 0.7% success rate. Why?

Limited reach to investors. As a founder, you normally know too few angels or VCs in person, if any. And we humans do not trust strangers;

Lack of skills OR time. Most angels have limited expertise to make proper due diligence. The seasoned angels and VCs do have the expertise, but they don’t have time to properly screen every pitch deck out of the hundreds that they receive each week.

Fear of being the first and fear of missing out. Everyone wants to hop on when it’s already hot. No one wants to step in first. Angels need a qualified lead who takes this risk. But finding the lead is even harder. Chicken and egg problem.

How do we solve that? 

1️⃣ We connect angels, networks, founders, and operators who have gone through thick and thin;

2️⃣ We provide tools for sharing deals & seamless syndication via a regulated micro funds structure;

3️⃣ And we build a mobile app for that so that investing in future unicorns wouldn’t be any harder than scrolling Twitter.

Our mission is to help more purpose-driven unicorns get born and let everyone become part of them from early on.

Dmitry Samoylovskikh, Founder of Uniborn

Together we:

🙌  Source, screen, and share opportunities within Cartels (that’s what we call private clubs) or with the whole Uniborn community;

🔫  Syndicate deals seamlessly, swiftly and 2-3 times cheaper. Uniborn takes the hassle and most of the costs out;

💪  Amplify our portfolio companies by introductions, advice, skills, and visibility;

🌍  Connect and learn from seasoned fellows: we share stories, experiences, and deals.

Why do we do this?

We love efficiency, not lotteries. As founders, we prefer to focus on the product, not spending months on knocking investors’ doors. As investors, we want to get access to high-grade deals, back ambitious founders, support them along the way, and get fairly rewarded. We build Uniborn to do just that.

We charge no membership fees. Instead, we spread carry across our value-add members.

How to join the community?

We are pre-launch now, and going live in 4Q2022. Be sure to book your early access via this 1-min form

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