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Gen Z Fund for Gen Z, Atomico Angel and Investments in “weird stuff”, Second Index Ventures Fund, and More
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As daunting as the news may sound, there are still plenty of opportunities for talented European teams. Perhaps more than ever.

Below, we've rounded up all the notable announcements of European startup-focused funds that launched last week. So if you are planning to attract funding, take advantage of your chances.

💸 Sweden's EQT Ventures closes its third fund at €1.1B to double down on European and early-stage startups

EQT Ventures was founded in 2016; since then, the firm has invested in 100+ companies, including nine unicorns: Wolt, Einride, Small Giant Games, Netlify, and others.

The total amount of funds raised by EQT reached 2.3 billion euros. The company will direct the last fund to investments mainly in European and British, as well as in American startups, with checks from 1 to 50 million dollars.

EQT is not strictly limiting itself to specific industries but does give preference to startups that solve global problems of society — as such are areas of green technologies, transport, and labor organization.

See TechCrunch for details.

EQT Ventures team. Source: arcticstartup.com
EQT Ventures team. Source: arcticstartup.com

💸 Eccentric angel Stefano Bernardi launches his own VC fund to invest in Stranger Things up to €25M

Stefano Bernardi, seasoned entrepreneur, early Ethereum investor, and Atomico angel, has announced the launch of his venture capital fund, Unruly Capital.

The fund's portfolio includes all startups Bernardi has invested in as an angel over the past year. His main area of ​​interest is climate technologies, but the fund's focus extends beyond it.

"I'm investing in weird stuff now. I do deep tech, nuclear, insects, algae, aeroplanes," says Bernardi. He has 18 million euros to place after the first closure, but he thinks he could increase that to 25 million by the end of the year.

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Stefano Bernardi. Source: startupitalia.eu
Stefano Bernardi. Source: startupitalia.eu

💸 Index Ventures is launching its second seed fund — $300m to back companies in the US, Europe, and Israel

Index Ventures, known for investing in Revolut and Deliveroo, has launched its second $300m seed fund. According to fund partner Hanna Seal, the company will leverage the funds to support projects on the US East Coast, Israel, and Europe.

Index Ventures' headquarters are located in San Francisco and London, and earlier this year, the company appointed a partner in Tel Aviv and opened an office in New York.

The fund pays special attention to projects in fintech, game development, marketplaces, corporate software, and labor organization tools.

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Index Ventures team. Source: Index Ventures
Index Ventures team. Source: Index Ventures

💸 Finnish unicorn founders backed Wave Ventures announces €2M to invest in diverse Gen Z tech founders

Wave Ventures from Helsinki is Europe's largest student-run venture fund. Speaking the same language as Generation Z, the fund team hopes to invest in promising projects for young entrepreneurs from the Nordic countries before anyone else notices them. 

The fund's investment comes from unicorn founders such as Ilkka Paananen (Supercell), Kristo Ovaska (Smartly) and Miki Kuusi (Wolt), and others. Soon, the Wave Ventures team hopes to invest in 20-25 young teams at the earliest stage.

See Tech Funding News for details.

Wave Ventures. Source: Tech Funding News
Wave Ventures. Source: Tech Funding News

💸 VSquared Ventures unveils new €165 million fund for early-stage deeptech

Teams that develop solutions in AI, quantum computing, energy, and climate not only bring humanity closer to discoveries but also ensure the technological sovereignty of Europe.

Munich-based VSquared Ventures has launched a new €165m fund to support them. The firm was founded in 2016 and has established itself by building a portfolio of 30 technology startups. 

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VSquared Ventures team. Source: EU-startups 
VSquared Ventures team. Source: EU-startups 

💸 UK-based Simplyhealth launches new VC fund 'Simplyhealth Ventures' at €68M

Medical solutions provider Simplyhealth has launched its venture capital fund to support UK HealthTech startups in the early stages.

So the company plans to support the British economy, expand its own product line and accelerate the implementation of innovative medical solutions to prevent and predict diseases.

Simplyhealth has already invested in Daye, a female-founded gynecological care company, and Ocuplan and Ampersand.

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