The Premier Deal on Uniborn is Closed! 🎉

Friday was a huge day for Uniborn. Here are two big things that I wanted to share with you.
Dmitry Samoylovskikh
🇪🇪 Founder @Uniborn
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Hey there! Dmitry here, the founder of Uniborn.

I'm thrilled to share some exciting news from Friday, which marked a significant milestone for Uniborn:

#1. The Very First Deal Closed on Uniborn!

Early on Friday morning, the ProstoVC cartel leads, a flourishing investment club renowned for valuable venture content, set up the inaugural deal on our platform. With just over 100 members (gradually transitioning from their closed Telegram group to Uniborn), they wasted no time securing commitments for a whopping 320% of the allocation — just 10 hours later!

Remarkably, the cartel leads demonstrated their faith by committing 40% of the allocation themselves. Even the cartel's analyst, responsible for scoring the target startup, chipped in with a small check.

Even though it’s the first deal for us, we managed to handle custom terms, tailoring entry fees, carry, and minimum checks for specific investors. And we're on track to facilitate transfers in USDC as well.

Fun fact: The target of this groundbreaking deal was Uniborn itself! 😄 Really, investment clubs like ProstoVC are a great example of who we turn inside out to serve best, so it made a lot of sense for us to secure a minor allocation for the guys and their co-investors.

#2. We’ve received an investment from a prominent VC who backed 7 unicorns!

While we'll reveal all the juicy details in a few weeks through an official press release, rest assured, this partnership will significantly amplify Uniborn with their extensive network, deal flow, and much, much more. We're finally ready to get the ball rolling and boy, it feels so exciting!

What's Next for Uniborn?

These milestones represent a year's worth of relentless effort of our whole team. We now have several exciting deals in the pipeline, most of which are nearly secured. Over the first 30 days we've onboarded 80 members, five active cartels, got a host of exciting features and products lined up. This is just the beginning! 

Stay tuned, fellows 👋

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