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Inside: layoffs in 2023, 10 startups to watch, 50 emerging fund managers, and Europe's generative AI map
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Inside: layoffs in 2023, 10 recently-funded tech startups to watch, 50 emerging fund managers, Europe's generative AI market map, women’s health startups’ potential, and six fintech ideas that VCs want you to pitch in 2023

Companies That Raised Money In 2021 Are More Likely To See Layoffs

Startup hiring experts predict that layoffs in 2023 will double what has been seen so far. As of January, more than 30,000 people have been laid off from the tech industry in the US. 

Consultants predict that startups that raised money during  August’s boom period — from 2020 to Q1 2022 will likely face difficulty justifying their valuations and may have to resort to layoffs.

Read the Crunchbase article for details. 

🔥 Six fintech ideas VCs want you to pitch in 2023

Despite the odds, starting a business during a recession can lead to great success; just ask Airbnb and WhatsApp. Despite a slowdown in late-stage funding, ample funding is still available for early-stage ventures. In 2022, investors poured $1.5 billion into seed-stage fintechs in Europe, just short of the $1.6 billion record of 2021. 

Sifted asked top fintech investors in Europe to share their thoughts on types of fintech ideas they would like to see more in 2023 and what market opportunities the current macroeconomic climate may present.

Read Sifted article for details. 

🔥 50 emerging VC managers

Meet emerging 50 — VC industry's newest fund managers as chosen by their LPs and founders they’ve supported.

Weekend Fund (by Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt) highlighted 50 fund managers that raised and deployed checks in 2022. Hundreds of LPs and founders submitted nominations after the program was announced.

To see the full list, follow the link.

🔥 10 recently-funded tech startups to watch in 2023

VentureBeat analyzed traction, funding, and sound business models of recently-funded startups and created a list of 10 expected to undergo significant growth in 2023. 

While some are already profitable, others have innovative offerings, ample venture funding, and strong management teams. Regarding verticals,  there are some from Fintech, Insurtech, Digital Marketing, and others.

Read the VentureBeat article for details. 

🔥 Europe’s generative AI startups, mapped

After a crypto-related false start, Generative AI seems to be the best candidate to become the “next big thing” that will change the world. Advances in technology, as well as investor hype led to a whole new wave of startups arising, and the existing ones leveraging the tech for existing products.

Sifted gleaned global data sets from Antler and NFX, as well as own sources, to compile a list of 135 companies in Europe’s generative AI space.

Read the Sifted article for details. 

🔥 Despite 2022’s headwinds, women’s health startups did better than ever before

The women's health sector is showing signs of guarded optimism. Things are slowly changing as more investors express interest in this field and companies like AOA, an early ovarian cancer detection company, are successfully closing funding rounds. 

The CEO of AOA, Oriana Papin-Zoghbi, contends that there is still a long way to go in transforming opinions about the significance of investing in women's health, especially since it affects half of the world’s population.

Read the TechCrunch article for details.

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