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Inside: training programs for wannabe VCs, 10 Spanish startups to watch in 2023, a four-day week experiment in the UK, and more.
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Inside: leading European training programs for wannabe VCs, 10 Spanish startups to watch in 2023, the results of a four-day week experiment in the UK, and how the valuation of French and Benelux startups is changing.

🔥 9 European training programs for wannabe VCs

Many people are eager to get their foot in the door of this competitive industry, but with most VC firms not even posting job openings, where do you even start?

Thankfully,  several training programs across Europe are designed to help aspiring VCs kickstart their careers. From short courses to longer, more intensive programs — Sifted collected some of the most valuable of them worth looking at.

Read the Sifted article.

Candidates mingling at Baby VC’s party. Source: Sifted
Candidates mingling at Baby VC’s party. Source: Sifted

🔥 15 mental health startups chosen by VCs

Investor interest in mental health is steadily declining, but these 15 startups have every chance to overcome the crisis and capture the market in 2023. The read would be helpful for anyone who wants to increase their presence in this domain. 

Read the Business Insider article.

🔥 10 exciting Spanish startups to watch in 2023 and beyond

Spain is solidifying itself as a hotspot of innovation and startups. Evidence suggests that its growing startup ecosystem is attracting more and more investors' attention worldwide.

The emergence of new hubs like Valencia and Bilbao, in addition to Barcelona and Madrid, with the help of government-support measures, make the location increasingly attractive.

Do you want to find out which entrepreneurs shine on the Spanish startup scene today? The article has collected 10 startups founded after 2020, and this will not be the last time we hear about them.

Read EU-startups article.

The Ritmo startup team (mentioned on the list)
The Ritmo startup team (mentioned on the list)

🔥 Firms stick to a four-day week after the trial ends

The approach to work organization may change even more - and soon. At least the results of an experiment conducted in the UK lead to such conclusions. 

Several organizations, including non-profits and private firms in recruitment, software, and manufacturing, adopted a four-day workweek between June and December 2022. And the results are in — according to a report assessing the trial run’s impact, it had "extensive benefits," particularly for employee well-being.

Read the BBC article.

🔥 Pitchbook has published its European valuation data, and there's good news for France and Benelux

The median pre-money valuations for angel and seed rounds in France and Benelux were €2.9 million and €5.8 million, respectively. And they have grown faster than in the UK and Ireland over the past five years. 

Read Tech.eu article.

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