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This week, let's take a break from charts and analytics. We recommend you kick back, relax, and enjoy some captivating reading (and listening). Don't wait — hit that subscribe button and dive right in!

🔥 A bit cliched — but AGI is still an interesting topic. Especially its impact

The AI race is on, and the tech giants are duking it out to unveil their cutting-edge intelligent services; the competition is heating up by the day. So it's no wonder OpenAI is hitting the ground running, with revenues blowing all predictions out of the water. In the coming months, the company is set to rake in a staggering $1 billion. To put things in perspective, the brains behind ChatGPT made a "mere" $28 million just last year. 

It is a good reason to enjoy Wired's latest extra-long read: it's all about Sam Altman and the incredible journey of OpenAI — it explores how a Star Wars fan transformed into one of the most pivotal figures of our era (perhaps in all of human history), how his initial non-commercial, research-aimed initiative became a colossal business worth nearly $30 billion.

The undeniable impact of OpenAI's technology raises a pressing question: Will this brainchild and its followers ultimately bring more good or harm? Well, ask us again in 100 years.

For now, we'll leave you with our favorite snippet from the article. (Image: Wired)
For now, we'll leave you with our favorite snippet from the article. (Image: Wired)

Check the Wired story for a deeper understanding.

🔥 What about the difference between VCs from different continents? We're talking about Europe and the US, of course

Ten years ago, VC funds in Sand Hill Road wouldn't "even fly to Los Angeles" — that's the catchy title of a new podcast from Tech.eu. In this engaging discussion, a few guys from Fintech Ventures Fund and Target Global delve into what sets US and European VC funds apart in today's landscape.

Here's the scoop:

  • European VC funds tend to run a tad smaller in size compared to their US counterparts.
  • American VCs are increasingly setting up shops in Europe, and it's becoming a trend. It’s a good idea for multi-stage funds to have a presence in Europe from the start.
  • When it comes to investment criteria, VCs from the West Coast are often on the hunt for all-or-nothing outcomes, while the East Coast and European VCs tend to prioritize revenue and risk mitigation.
  • Perhaps the most noteworthy distinction between US West Coast VCs and their East Coast colleagues is that the "Easterns" are closely eyeing the strategies of European VCs. 

Check the Tech.eu review for a deeper understanding.

🔥 And of all the European regions, today let's zoom on Scandinavia

What do Spotify, Angry Birds, and Klarna have in common? Well, these tech titans all hail from Scandinavia, a hotspot for venture capitalists, with Sweden and Finland leading the pack.

This week, EUVC dropped a podcast featuring Isomer Capital, Europe's most dynamic VC. Here's a sneak peek into the Nordic venture capital scene straight from the source:

  • When it comes to venture capital in Scandinavia, there's no "middle class." You've got tons of tiny funds and some heavyweights with over 100 million euros (speaking of which, the legendary VC, Antler, has just announced its second Nordic fund, targeting a colossal €150 million). But between 30 and 100 million euros, there's a vacuum.
  • Sustainability isn't just a buzzword in the North; it’s a way of life. Nordic funds were early adopters of ESG strategies. They’re all about conscious investing and focusing on the environment, social issues, and good governance. Their portfolios are stacked with climatetech, and inclusion is their second name. After all, a diverse team is synonymous with efficiency, isn’t it?
  • Nordic investors aren't staying in their lanes anymore. Instead of sticking to their national and regional borders, they're now doing deals across Europe. As the Isomer crew says, "Tech investing is not a national sport."

Check the EUVC podcast for a deeper understanding.

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