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100 Hottest Startups in Europe in 2022 by Wired, extensive Q3 overview and venture capital rollback analytic
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Hello! The Uniborn team is back in touch. In this digest, we have collected the most notable articles over the past week on the European startup ecosystem. Inside you will find a lot of data and results from the past quarter.

🔥 These Are the 100 Hottest Startups in Europe in 2022

Journalists from Wired have been publishing a list of key players in the European startup ecosystem since 2011 to track how the venture capital business is developing on this side of the continent.

This time, they analyzed a thousand of projects to select just a hundred, bringing tremendous excitement to major European capitals. The publication team emphasizes that it does not consider this list exhaustive or exemplary, but hopefully, it will help attract attention to ambitious projects.

Take a look and get inspired!

A screenshot of Wired.co. 
A screenshot of Wired.co. 

🔥 How much does the C-suite at European startups get paid?

Recruiting firm Erevena surveyed 1,700+ top managers from private and public start-ups in 24 European countries to find out how much they earn.

Amy Lewin of Sifted reviewed the report and communicated its key findings. There's a lot of exciting stuff inside — for example, did you know that Spanish startup leaders get paid more than elsewhere in Europe?

🔥 The European Tech ecosystem in Q3 2022 — an extensive overview

The editors of Tech.eu analyzed its own database and found that the third quarter of 2022 witnessed 1,176 venture capital transactions with a total value of more than €‎21.1 billion.

Follow the link to determine if the European venture landscape matches the global environment described in Crunchbase (above).

🔥 The VC firm NFX makes software to help startup founders navigate the fundraising maze — and it's free for anyone

NFX manages $1.1 billion in assets — the firm has stakes in popular startups such as DoorDash, Lyft, Poshmark, and Patreon. However, it is much more than a fairly successful investor; it is also a tech company.

Unlike other venture capital firms, NFX employs about three times as many engineers as investors. In addition, the team provides founders with tools that help raise capital and make it easier to run a business.

Read more about the story and tools of NFX in Business Insider.

NFX chief product officer Amy Lin. Source: Business Insider 
NFX chief product officer Amy Lin. Source: Business Insider 

❗️ Why are young techies in Europe dissatisfied with their jobs?

HR platform HiBob and global venture capital firm Eight Roads have conducted a joint study of more than 2,000 European startup employees aged 20 to 30. The study aims to determine their career satisfaction rate through reflection on working conditions and future career opportunities.

Miriam Partington of Sifted shares key takeaways. Don't miss it if you want to understand how to keep valuable employees.

❗️ Weak pound could spur US takeovers of British startups

Oscar Hornstein, an industry analyst at UKTN, spoke to experts on the historic weakening of the pound and how it will affect UK tech startups. Many predict a wave of proposals from US funds and companies.

So what measures will the British government take to motivate entrepreneurs to develop businesses within the country? Read the link.

❗️ The long expected global venture capital rollback has arrived

Crunchbase News' senior data editor Gene Teare analyzed VC investment over the past year and found that VC funding in the third quarter of 2022 was $81 billion, 53% and 33% down, respectively, from the last fiscal year and quarter. 

In the third quarter of 2022, only 37 companies made it to the unicorn list, the worst performance in the last two years. Find more insights in the article at the link.

Global VC Pullback Is Dramatic In Q3 2022. Source: news.crunchbase.com
Global VC Pullback Is Dramatic In Q3 2022. Source: news.crunchbase.com
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