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Inside: values crisis of the European startup scene, the boom of psychedelic startups and other controversial stuff
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🔥 Is the European startup scene in a values ​​crisis?

Throughout the past week, the tech community has been discussing the scandal around the Slush conference. It withdrew an award from the Russian startup Immigram after receiving a wave of criticism and hatred. 

In an opinion piece for Sifted, German entrepreneur Sven Jungmann argues that the decision to overturn a startup's victory due to its founders' origin is a wake-up call for the entire European venture ecosystem.

Read about how this could affect the German startup scene and beyond on Sifted.

Immigram  team at Slush. Source: Slush on Twitter
Immigram  team at Slush. Source: Slush on Twitter

🔥 Are tech valuations artificially low, or are we simply returning to reality?

TechCrunch continues to figure out what steps the recession and crisis require from founders and how the balance of power in venture capital will change.

Read the details at the link.

🔥 How a sports VC raised his first $35 million fund at the age of 29 and where he's investing his money now

In 2008, Vasu Kulkarni founded Krossover, a sports-analytics startup, and grew it into a multi-million dollar company despite investor skepticism. Mindful of the difficulties he faced during the fundraising process, the entrepreneur decided to do everything he could to help other teams involved in creating technology startups for sports to mature and scale.

Read this great written Kulkarni story on Insider.

Vasu Kulkarni. Source: Insider
Vasu Kulkarni. Source: Insider

🔥 A love letter to micro funds, the backbone and future of venture capital

Rebecca Szkutak of TechCrunch shares her insights on the extent to which microfunds impact the industry. They do the work that sharks like Andreessen Horowitzes can't do and bring specialization to the market. In addition, some well-known unicorns received their first money from such funds as Coinbase, Robinhood, and Flexport.

Read more at TechCrunch.

🔥 Psychedelic startups in Europe: the numbers behind the shroom boom

The first to patent psychedelic-based drugs to treat depression and other mental illnesses has every chance of taking a solid share of the $380B global mental health market.

As Sifted writes, the race between biotech companies and private startups in the field of psychedelic aid attracts the gaze of billionaires and large investment companies.

Read the article for details.

Source: Sifted
Source: Sifted

Cover image: Unsplash

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