Women in tech communities in Europe: full list with contacts (part 2)

European communities for female founders and VCs
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This is the second part of our list of European communities supporting women in tech, where we reviewed organizations linked to tech-related careers and general networking & support. 

In this segment let’s take a look at communities associated with following subjects:

Founders and executives

EIT Health’s Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a seven-week program that provides female founders with the training and support they need to grow their businesses. The program, co-funded by the European Union and EIT Health, aims to accelerate early-stage healthtech startup growth to create innovative solutions for today’s challenges within modern medicine while promoting gender equality across industries. The bootcamps are held yearly across Europe.


The Spanish association of female executives and managing directors known as Eje&Con has been around since 2015. They are a Madrid-based organisation aiming to increase female representation in senior management positions both within corporations' boards or TedresasUR (in Spain). Their current president is Cristina Sancho Ferran. Eje&Con currently has more than 1500 associates.


Femstreet is a global resource for news and content on women in tech, with a community of founders from around the world, initiated in 2018 by Sarah Nöckel in London. It began as an online newsletter covering topics relevant to female entrepreneurs but has since grown into something much more significant than its original intent — bringing these experts together at events across Europe and the USA. Femstreet currently has about 1000 members.

Future Girl Corp

Future Girl Corp is a community that was created to support the next generation of up and coming female CEOs and business leaders, founded in 2019 by Sharmadean Reid in London. They hold events throughout London, such as networking parties or workshops designed specifically for future female entrepreneurs. In addition, the community has a very active Facebook group with more than 1600 members.

Future Girl Corp event. Source:
Future Girl Corp event. Source:

Female Tech Founder

FemaleTechFounder is an online community for female founders, startups, and those passionate about business, founded in 2019. They share knowledge in their monthly meetups in Manchester, UK, as well through the podcast they produce, with commentary from industry leaders. It’s a small but mighty community with 800 members.


Fem-Start is a community that provides opportunities for women in entrepreneurship; based in Hague, founded in 2019 by Marian Spier. They offer training courses, mentoring services, and networking events to help female entrepreneurs fight obstacles they might face while building their businesses from scratch. They also hold their own Fem-Start up award ceremony. The community has more than 2000 members.

Willa (formerly known as Paris Pionnières)

Willa (formerly Paris Pionnières), the first diversity accelerator in Tech and one of France's most innovative organisations, strives to increase creativity by supporting startups founded or co-founded by women. Based in Paris, founded in 2005, the current president is Marie Georges. The organisation has built its network around mentors who are experts with diverse skill sets from all over Europe, and committed partners that share WILLA’s vision for more female leaders coming up through the pipeline of French startups. The network has more than 5000 members.

Women TechEU

  • Country: EU

Women TechEU is an initiative of the European Union. It offers first-class coaching and mentoring to female founders, as well as targeted funding for their business growth in an effort to achieve gender equality within Europe's newest startups. Women can take advantage of participating in networking events where they will be granted opportunities dedicated towards growing into female leaders who want to make it in the business world.


Female Ventures

Female Ventures is an organisation dedicated to supporting women in the corporate and small business world, founded in 2016 by Dieuwke Hoogland in the Netherlands. The platform stimulates ambition, leadership skills, as well as entrepreneurship among its members by providing numerous resources, including mentorship opportunities for those who need it most. Female Ventures currently has 650 members.

Venture Ladies

Venture Ladies, founded in 2014 by Eva-Juliane Stark in Berlin, helps women succeed as entrepreneurs and investors. The community provides support through events & workshops emphasising to connect those looking for funding opportunities or just want some advice about the process from experienced professionals. The network currently has 650 members.

European Women in VC

European Women in VC is a community for senior women investors from all over Europe who are involved with venture capital. It was founded in 2017 by a group of initiative women from seven European countries: Poland, Czechia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Estonia, Slovenia, and Hungary. They currently have over 1000 members. The idea behind this networking group was to create more opportunities so that women can strengthen their presence within the venture capital industry.

European Women in VC Summit in Berlin. Source:
European Women in VC Summit in Berlin. Source:


#Fundright is a movement that saw its rise in 2019 (founded by Eva De Mol in Amsterdam) with the goal of creating an optimal startup ecosystem. They want Dutch VC firms and portfolio companies to have a more diverse team composition with 35% of women by 2023 (currently, only 6% of partners at Dutch seed stage funds are female). The community has 35 committed investors as members.

Level 20

Level 20 is a not-for-profit organisation founded by 12 women working in senior roles within private equity, founded in 2015 in London. The current CEO is Pam Jackson.

They aim to inspire other females — those interested or already employed as traders, managers, and advisors through their shared vision of improving gender diversity within this dynamic industry where there are still few opportunities for those who seek them. Their goal is to ensure that 20% of all key positions held across Europe have some sort of balance, unlike what we see today. The community has over 4000 members.

Pam Jackson. Source:
Pam Jackson. Source:


  • Country: Spain

Women angels for STEAM (WA4STEAM) is an international community of angel investors who are women and want to increase the presence for other female entrepreneurs in STEM-related industries. It was founded in 2015 in Barcelona. They provide seed capital and strategic partnerships that can nurture future leaders/role models through education initiatives geared towards such status. The community has about 3000 members.

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