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Here are the hottest trends of the week: the world’s most promising fintechs by Business Insider, Deep Tech overview by Crunchbase, and many more
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€50M from the Glovo founder

The founder and CEO of the Spanish fast delivery service Glovo, Oscar Pierre, announced the launch of his venture capital (VC) fund Yellow Fund with a volume of €50M.

According to Sifted, Pierre is ready to invest his own €10-15M — rounds up to at least 51% of his fortune. To finance most of the fund's capital, he is looking for partners and entrepreneurs with experience.

Interestingly, all the information on the Yellow Fund's website was removed when news hit the press. So instead, read the details in this Sifted article.

Meet Boost, the UK's most  early-stage investor

The team at the small Boost Foundation is making its bet on diversity. Of the 50 investments the fund has made since June, half are female-owned, and ethnic minorities own another 30%.

The fund has recently raised its first £5M and plans to fund 100 startup teams by the end of coming October. To select promising startups, Boost uses an original methodology from Capital Pilot. Read more in the Sifted article.

$40M from the Web Summit team

TechCrunch, citing sources, reports that the Web Summit startup forum team intends to launch its personal venture project.

It will be called Web Summit Ventures (WSV) and consist of two funds with total funding of $40 million. The Web Summit Ventures Seed fund will prioritize early-stage and Series A startups, while the Web Summit Ventures Growth will focus on Series B and beyond.

The decision to recognize WSV was preceded by a prolonged conflict between Web Summit shareholders; see TechCrunch for details.

Paddy Cosgrave, the Web Summit CEO. Source: Getty Images
Paddy Cosgrave, the Web Summit CEO. Source: Getty Images

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Deep Tech investment is shrinking

Crunchbase columnist Chris Metinko spoke to investors and entrepreneurs about how the current crisis has affected the Deep Tech industry. Startups engaged in quantum computing, robotics, space technology, and other science-intensive industries are receiving less and less funding.

For example quantum startups received more than $800M of venture capital last year, but this year, it is less than half of that figure for almost three quarters of 2022.

Experts believe Deep Tech has become less attractive to "tourists" - investors who came to the industry because of the hype. Read more in Crunchbase.

China is investing more in Silicon Valley

The Wall Street Journal, citing a study by the Foundation for Defense of Democracy think tank, reports that Chinese investment in US venture capital funds will reach $880M by the end of this year.

This is one of the highest figures in the last ten years, which confirms that ties between American and Chinese businesses remain strong despite political tensions between the two countries. Read the WSJ article for details.

The current state of late-stage VCs

Drew Spaventa, founder and CEO of investment firm The Spaventa Group, gives Forbes an assessment of the current state of late-stage venture capital and a forecast for the second half of 2022.

According to her, the chosen method of evaluating a startup largely determines the mood of investors and the company's position in the market. Read the details in the Forbes material.

M&A in European tech

The editors of Sifted analyzed the M&A transactions that took place this summer in the European market. A comprehensive description of trends and forecasts can be found at this article.

Lisbon, Portugal. Source: Unsplash
Lisbon, Portugal. Source: Unsplash

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The hottest fintechs

Business Insider has compiled a list of 60+ most promising financial technology startups. Young companies that can influence the industry as soon as tomorrow can be found in the following article.

Who will be the next crypto unicorn?

Despite the plummeting value of tokens, cryptocurrencies are still with us. According to some experts, the next "breakthrough" unicorn will be a company that will develop user-friendly software for maintaining crypto infrastructure.

The opinions of market experts were collected by Protocol.

Slides for $7M

Check out SexTech Dame's pitch deck that helped raise $7M in funding.

Dame cofounder and CEO Alexandra Fine. Source: Business Insider 
Dame cofounder and CEO Alexandra Fine. Source: Business Insider 
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