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Weekly VC Insights by Uniborn #12

Elena Cherkas Uniborn Team
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European media could not walk past International Women's Day. In fact, over the past week, several lists have been released to praise female entrepreneurs and VCs, which will become helpful tools for expanding your network.

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🔥 TOP 100: Europe's most influential women in the startup and venture capital space

The EU-Startups team has compiled a list of 100 inspiring women who have made some headway in the industry. All of them are featured with a short bio and contacts, so bookmark this!

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🔥 European VC's top female investors: the list

The Sifted editors, in turn, utilized Dealroom data to feature partners of leading venture capital funds and their successful deals.

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🔥 Forbes 30 under 30 Europe List 2023

The awaited annual issue listing young and daring representatives of various fields and industries has revealed some evolvements in the "technology" category — several new faces popped up.

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🔥 Europe's term sheets have got a whole lot less founder-friendly

The link below delineates the result of an analysis of more than 500 transactions completed in 2022 totaling over $12B. The main conclusion is that the standard deal terms are changing, not for the startup's benefit.

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🔥 European startups lead the way in tech innovation at MWC 2023

Hundreds of European startups of various sizes and categories were presented at MWC. The team has selected the most promising ones worth noting.

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