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Analytics for a killer conversation starter by TechCrunch and Sifted + New VCs and how to attract them
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Hello! The Uniborn team is in touch here. Over the past week, we have collected all the most critical things from the world of VC and startups.

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Is Silicon Valley losing its throne?

China, India, and Europe are becoming increasingly prominent centers of innovation. Does this mean that Silicon Valley is no longer the heart of the tech industry?

TechCrunch spoke to investors and entrepreneurs to get it right.

Telemedicine is no longer as attractive to investors

According to Cowen's report, consumer-focused telemedicine and healthcare investments have fallen from $6.5 billion in 2021 to $2 billion this year. 

See the Business Insider article for details.

Founders from Central and Eastern Europe are increasingly moving their startups abroad

Sifted spoke with entrepreneurs from Romania and Poland and discovered that moving the headquarters to the West has become a common practice for startups from these countries. The sentiment is due to both the market state and investors' attitudes.

For details, see the Sifted article.

Teo Blidarus and Sergiu Negut, founders of Romanian startup FintechOS. Source: https://www.newmoney.ro/
Teo Blidarus and Sergiu Negut, founders of Romanian startup FintechOS. Source: https://www.newmoney.ro/

VC Market starts to revive

After six months of downturn and stagnation, the pace of deals is starting to pick up again. TechCrunch interlocutors note that the fourth quarter began with a sharp rise in activity, which, although not up to last year's level, still instills hope.

See TechCrunch for details. 

Investors knocking down valuations

The Axios editor notes that some VC managers have aggressively discounted portfolio companies in response to market conditions. Investors are asking more questions and becoming more subjective when valuing startups.

See the Axios article for details.

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Top 9 Cloud Investors Tell How To Pitch Them Right Now

Business Insider has compiled profiles and insights from the most notable Cloud VCs — their portfolio includes Slack, Canva, Airtable, Atlassian and Figma.

The material discusses the "hottest" niches and hints at how founders can hook them.

This article is a treasure for cloud startup developers.

$400M from 83North for tech startups

The portfolio of the Israeli company 83North already has 14 unicorns, including such notable ones as Just Eat, Paddle, Mirakl, and others. The company will direct the new fund to support promising projects from various industries.

You can see the pitch deck of Mirakl and other European unicorns in our selection

In total, the team implemented 30 exits, one of the most successful in recent times — the sale of DoorDash to the Finnish delivery service Wolt Enterprises. 83North focuses on trusting and long-term relationships with founders.

See The Capital Quest for details.

€180M from Point Nine to support B2B marketplaces and SaaS

Berlin-based venture capital firm Point Nine has raised a new fund to back seed-stage projects with checks ranging from €500 to €5M. Christoph Janz, the founder of Point Nine, emphasizes that the fund will not invest more cautiously than usual even despite current market conditions.

The fund’s key interest areas: B2B marketplaces, SaaS, crypto-infrastructure, and climate software.

Up to 80% of Point Nine's investments come from European startups. The firm already has unicorns in its portfolio — Algolia, Docplanner, and Contentful. It also supports Typeform, Revolut, and Delivery Hero.

See the Sifted article for details.

Aleksandra Zorylo, Operating Partner at Point Nine. Source: https://www.pointnine.com/
Aleksandra Zorylo, Operating Partner at Point Nine. Source: https://www.pointnine.com/

€55M from Trind VC for end-user startups

Tallinn-based venture capital firm Trind VC has launched a new €55M fund to support B2C startups.

"We are looking for startups with clear success in a fairly large market — the general hype or buzzwords will not inspire us," says Joel Aasmäe, managing partner of Trind VC, commenting on the interests of the fund.

Consumer-facing projects receive less funding than their B2B equivalents, he says. Trind VC plans to fix this by backing 30-40 startups over the next four years.

See eu-startups.com for details.

€41M from Ada Ventures for innovators

London-based firm Ada Ventures is banking on ambitious founders with breakthrough ideas and backing early-stage projects with checks starting at £500,000.

"Ada Ventures takes its name – and inspiration – from the mathematician Ada Lovelace, who worked on the first computer but wasn't recognized for her contributions until 100 years later. Like Ada, we are looking for bright minds who can bring their visionary thinking to solve the biggest problems of our age," says the official press release.

The first Ada Ventures fund invested in 28 projects. One of them, fulfillment startup Huboo, recently closed a £60 investment round.

See eu-startups.com for details.

€30M from PropTech1 Ventures for breakthrough real estate projects

Berlin-headquartered venture capital firm PropTech1 has launched a €30M fund to develop transformative real estate technologies. The fund will support German startups that want to scale up and enter new markets.

See details at tech.eu.

🔥 Tomorrow's unicorns? Who knows!

Solvo is a cryptocurrency investment app from former Revolut employees

Ayelen Denovitzer and Shailendra Sason met while working for the Revolut crypto team. After leaving the company, they created Solvo, and at the beginning of this year, they raised its first $3.5M.

The application is almost ready. Its users will be able to sell and buy crypto assets "simply, easily, and clearly."

See TechCrunch for details.

Koos is an alternative to options and stocks

Mike Butcher, one of the most respected startup writers, notes the Koos project. Its team has developed a platform that allows rewarding employees, the community, and everyone involved in the company's success using an automated token system.

Read more on TechCrunch.

Taavi Kotka, Koos founder. Source: https://techcrunch.com/
Taavi Kotka, Koos founder. Source: https://techcrunch.com/

30+ Promising Entrepreneur First Alumni

The international accelerator Entrepreneur First presented an annual list of companies that have successfully completed all stages of the 6-month training program and are ready for further investment and scaling.

The list includes interesting MedTech projects, Web3 infrastructure developers, and even one producer of "cleaner, greener coffee."

Look for details on the official EF website.

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